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Business Assets Auctions - Biodiesel Assets

Online Only

Monday, October 14, 7:00pm

Estate of Ms. Mary Harpole & Ms. Mavis Newton

Online Only

September 16 through October 3

Extended closing begins Thursday Oct. 3 at 6:00 PM

Bank Ordered Online Farm Equipment Auction

Online Only

Bid until September 26,2013

@ 12 noon extended bidding begins

Online Only!! Real Estate 1411 Stafford Dr., Paragould

Online Only

Bid Now through September 19th

Easy Online Bidding - Bid on your OWN schedule

Art Horizons, Inc. - Online Only

Online Only

Open NOW closes 'Wednesday September 18 (Extended Bidding if activity is present at ending)

5 catalogs closing an hour apart beginning at 12 noon

Estate of Mr. George B. Heath, Jr. Farm Equipment

Online Only

Bidding OPEN Until September 5, 2013

@ 12:00 Noon extended bidding begins

Court Ordered Sheriff's Sale- Online / Onsite- Pittsboro, MS.

Live with online bidding.

Date: Aug 29, 2013

2:00 PM on the Steps of the Calhoun County, MS. Courthouse

Gammel Farm Equipment & Household Items- Online Only Auction

Online Only

Bidding OPEN NOW!

Extended bidding begins August 29th, 2013 at 6:00 PM

Online Harvest, Grain & Sweet Potato Equipment

Online Only

Bidding OPEN until August 28 then at

12:00 Noon extended bidding begins

U.S. Bankruptcy Auction of Steadivest LLC Office Furnishings

Online Only

Bidding Open until August 22 then at

6:00 pm extended bidding begins

Restaurant Equipment Auction, U. S. Bankruptcy

Live with online bidding.

Date: Jul 24, 2013

Live Auction on July 24th 2013 starting at 10:00 AM

U. S. Bankruptcy Auction-Caterpillar Generator

Online Only

Date: Jul 23, 2013

Bidding Ends July 23rd @ 12:00 Noon