Carl Villwock Estate Museum Auction

by Aumann Auctions, Inc.


Saturday March 26th 10:00 AM Eastern


Auction Held at Dinky`s Auction Center 9073 East CO. RD 550 N Montgomery, IN


Online Only


This auction has a large collection of Cast Iron Seats, Planter Box Lids, a John Deere Wagon, Wagon Spring Seat, Two Seater Sleigh, Antique Tractors, McCormick Deering Engines, Cream Separators, Hand Shellers, Signs, Keen Kutter items, and Much Much More! We will be running 2 Rings, so bring a friend. This is a heated building with a lot of parking come, and plan on staying the day. Breakfast and Lunch will be served on site.

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Starting Time

February 15, 2011 12:00 PM

Starting Time

February 15, 2011 12:00 PM

Please use this address for GPS directions to the auction:

9073 CR 550 N
Odon, IN 47562

See Photo Tabs for items that will be on the Auction

Tractors, John Deere Wagon, Implements & Parts


Samson Model M on Steel        

SN#5300, 1919, 10-20 HP, older restoration, 4 cylinder Dixie mag., bottom casting cracked on radiator, Impulse with extra exhaust collector, optional air washer for air filter, early front wheels

Rock Island 15-25                           

SN#G2-100003, Older Repaint, Fenders, Bosch mag, with lugs, running

John Deere B on Steel                 
SN#B1550, narrow front, round spoke front, flat spoke rears, older restoration, tear drop drawbar, PTO, belt pulley, offset gas tank, Schebler carb., Wico mag.

John Deere Model D on Steel  

SN#112979, no lugs, flat spokes on rear, round spokes on front, older restoration, fenders, one fender needs repair, Schebler carb., Fairbanks Morse mag.

John Deere AR

SN#262110, wide front, flat cut off spokes on front, flat cut off spokes on rear on rubber, PTO, Wico mag., Schebler carb., like new rubber on front, All State 11-28 on rear, weather cracked with 50% tread loss, Champion guide grip 3-rib 6.5 x 16 on front

Oliver 80 Row Crop on Steel     

SN#109157KD, tip toe steel on rear, narrow front, older restoration, fenders, belt pulley     

Oliver 70 Row Crop on Rubber 

SN#246958, original, needs restoration, narrow front, both side panels, lights, PTO, belt pulley, fenders, front tires with 10 %  tread loss, need 1 new tire, Goodyear 13-40 tire with 30% tread loss, weather checked

Fordson on Steel

Older restoration, lugs, narrow front, has the Moline cultivator conversion

Fordson on Steel                            

SN#256886, older restoration, lugs, chip out of front radiator casting

Ford 8 N                                             

SN#4I-7279, Older Restoration, 3 point, no top link, pto, Fenders, Lights, alternator conversion, like new rubber on fronts, 40% tread loss on rears and weather cracked

Allis-Chalmers WD                        

SN#WD43929, Older Restoration, narrow front, tire scraper on fronts, alternator conversion, lights, fenders, Fairbank Morse mag, pto, power lift, front tires  with 15% tread loss, rear tires with 40% tread loss

 John Deere Wagon Box 
 Has good Gear and pole included - what a find!
 Studebaker Wagon Seat
 L. C. Graves & Co. Cutter Sleigh stored inside great condition!

  Neighbor will sell

  John Deere 620 Standard

SN#6202056, Restored, Gas, 3 point, no top link, single hydraulics, chrome exhaust, really nice, runs great!

John Deere Sickle Mower on Steel   
horse drawn, No. 1 steel seat, older repaint


International 3 HP M

Sn#B8361M, original paint, running, type L mag, over strike igniter, original crank, breather, on skid with lettering and paint, on portable trucks                         

John Deere 1 1/2HP                      

Sn#326994, original paint, running, on skid, over strike igniter                                                         

IH LB 1 1/2 HP to 2 1/2 HP           

Sn#LBA95697, original skid, valve cover, hopper lid, IHC mag, pulley, gas tank                                           

IH LB 1 1/2 HP to 2 1/2 HP           

Sn#LBA67521, not on skids, valve cover, IHC mag                                                                                     

Ottawa Gas Engine 4 HP, Saw Rig           

Sn#TE5583, Wico ignition, older restoration, head has been welded and repaired, on homemade cart

Fairbanks 1 1/2 HP                         

Sn#802354, original, spark plug, Fairbanks mag


Single and Twin Cylinder models  

Engine Carts

   with cast iron wheels
   Parts -
John Deere Fenders (were on B, being sold seperate)
Fordson Tractor Parts
- Narrow Front with Moline Culitivator Conversion, incomplete
Steel Wheels, Tool Boxes, Cast Iron Tool Boxes, Mag adapter
Samson Parts - Front Wheels, Rear Wheels no lugs, Samson Fuel Tank and Radiator
Fordson Parts - 3 Fuel tanks, Radiator, Fenders for Moline Conversion Cultivator
Rock Island - Radiator
Wallis - manifold, side plate, Carb
Oliver 70 - manifold
Allis Chalmers WD - Fenders
 Cast Iron Seats, John Deere Letter Holders & Tins Seats -

Taylor 1010 6

James Selby & Co. 1038 6

A.R.M & Co. (American Road Machinery Co.) 3 5

Adriance Trade Mark 17 5

Avery (Type 1) 55 5

H. Bamford & Sons (type 2) 64 5

Bonanza (type 1) 126 5

Cockshutt Plow Company Ltd. (type 2) 252 5

Dains (type 1b) 287 5

Deere & Co (type 1) 295 5

Deering (type 1) 306 5

Dickie 321 5

Dodds (type 1) 322 5

Esterly (type 1) 361 5

Furst & Bradley M.F.G. Co. 427 5

Furst & Bradley M.F.G. Co. 431 5

Grand Detour 449 5

Jones The Planto Manufacturing Co. 586 5

Jones The Planto Manufacturing Co. 590 5

M (type 1) 639 5

M (type 1) 639 5

P 455 Cast Iron Seat

Spade (type 2) 964 10

Springfield Impl. Co. (type 2) 966 10

Warrior Mower (type 3) 1094 10

Deering (type 2) 302 3

P95 Cast Iron Seat odd side mounting

Peerless C Russell & Co. 813 9

Peerless C Russell & Co. 813 9

P893 Cast Iron seat has 2 parts one has a bracket

Warrior Mower (type 5) 1097 9

Oliver Chilled Plow Works (type 2) 783 8

Solid Comfort (type 2) 955 8

Solid Comfort (type 1) 955 8

P801 Cast Iron Seat has (K29) cast into seat

Batavia N.Y. U.S.A. (type 2) 83 7

The Bissell Chilled Plow Works 111 7

Crown 36 280 7

Dodds (type 1) 323 7

Gem 441 7

C.W. & W.W. Marsh 650 7

Peerless Reaper Co. (type 2) 812 7

Peters (type 2) 825 7

Western 1110 7

Buckeye C Aultman & Co. 50 6

Barlow (type 1) 78 6

J.I. Case Plow Works (type 1) 210 6

Champion (type 4a) 222 6

Champion (type 4a) 222 6

Champion (type 4a) 222 6

P989 Cast Iron Seat Trike type

P77 Cast Iron Seat has star in center hump

P804 Cast Iron Seat single mounting bolt

P765 Cast Iron Seat has (R45) cast into center hump

Clarks Cutaway (type 1) 239 6

the Clark Sulky St. Jo Mfg. Co. 241 6

Clipper Patented (type 1) 244 6

Deere & Mansur Co. 298 6

Dening & Co. (type 3) 312 6

 P744 Cast Iron Seat has 3 small leaves in center of seat

Hayes 496 6

Mascot 656 6

Z 82 MH 657 6

Taylor (type 1) 1010 6

Milwaukee (type 2) 702 5

Duane H. Nash 737 5

Noxon Co. (type 1) 766 5

Sattley (type 1) 925 5

Sawyer’s 931 5

Solid Comfort (type 2) 954 5

P940 Cast Iron Seat has 8 stars

Stoddard (type 2) 983 5

Tiger (Stoddard Mfg. Co.) 992 5

Tiger (Stoddard Mfg. Co.) 992 5

Vulcan Plow Co.. (type 1) 1066 5

Vulcan Plow Co.. (type 1) 1066 5

Walter A Wood (type 3) 1140 5

Walter A Wood (type 2) 1147 5

Walter A Wood (type 2) 1147 5

Walter A Wood (type 2) 1147 5

American Harrow Co. 33 4

American Harrow Co. 33 4

Worcester Buckey (type 1) 187 4

Chieftain (type 1) 229 4

Empire 360 4

Empire 360 4

Excelsior Hoover & Co. Miamisburg, O (type 2) 403 4

Excelsior Hoover & Co. Miamisburg, O (type 2) 403 4

Excelsior Hoover & Co. Miamisburg, O (type 2) 403 4

Fuller & Johnson Mfg. Co 425 4

Hapgood Plow Co. 468 4

Albion (type 16) 489 4

Jenkins (type 1) 579 4

Keystone (type 2) 609 4

Kingman (type 1) 620 4

Milwaukee (type 1) 701 4

Milwaukee (type 1) 701 4

P260 Cast Iron Seat various size holes

Oliver Chilled Plow Works (type 1) 782 4

Oliver Chilled Plow Works (type 1) 782 4

P132 Cast Iron Seat has raised center hump

Percival (type 1) 820 4

The Rake Toronto 865 4

Stoddard (type 1) 982 4

Stoddard Mfg. Co. (type 1) 987 4

Whitely (type 1) 1121 4

Deering (type 2) 302 3

Deering (type 2) 302 3

Warrior Mower (type 3) 1094 10

Maxwell (type 3) 673 3

Victor (type 2) 1061 3

Martin Stamford (type 1) 653 2

Pierce (type 2) 831 2

Pierce (type 3) 832 2

W.E Co. Ltd. 1117 2

Aultman Miler & Co. (type 1) 44 1

Aultman Miler & Co. (type 1) 44 1

Aultman Miler & Co. (type 1) 44 1

Champion (type 1) 216 1

Champion (type 1) 216 1

Champion (type 2) 219 1

Champion (type 2) 219 1

Champion (type 2) 219 1

Deering (type 1) 300 1

J. Thompson & Sons (type 3) 1021 9

John Deere Letter Holder Cast Iron

John Deere Letter Holder Cast Iron (reproduction)

John Deere Letter Holder Cast Iron (reproduction)

Bicentennial 1776-1978 Cast Iron

P879 Cast Iron Seat Red on one side

P884 Cast Iron Seat two bolts adjustable mount

P713 Cast Iron Seat has gloss paint

P828 Cast Iron Seat one side Red

P63 Cast Iron Seat original, light rust

P776 Cast Iron Seat Purple paint

Blackstone Stamford (type 4) 118

P186 Cast iron Seat no numbers

P708 Cast Iron Seat has 1194 cast into seat

P1019 Cast Iron Seat has J 63 cast into under side

P734 Cast Iron Seat has dog ear to attach seat on underside

P734 Cast Iron Seat has dog ear to attach seat on underside

P598 Cast Iron Seat has high sides on hips

P405 Cast Iron Seat has large holes in back

P40 Cast Iron Seat has hole in center hump

P40 Cast Iron Seat has #79 cast into center of seat

Wm. Doyle & Co. Ltd. (type 2) 334

P319 Cast Iron Seat has high back and sides

P270 Cast Iron Seat has high back and sides

P57 Cast Iron Seat has 584 cast into center hump

P764 Cast Iron Seat has crack on top front side & front left side both hair line

P119 Cast Iron Seat has hole in center hump

P396 Cast Iron Seat has single mount hole

P405 Cast Iron Seat large holes on back and sides

P747 Cast Iron Seat has dish out of rear of seat top

P767 Cast Iron Seat has D328 cast into center

P381 Cast Iron Seat has #79 cast into center of seat

P508 Cast Iron Seat has M488 cast into center

P351 Cast Iron Seat has notch in center bolt hole

P358 Cast Iron Seat has 178 stamped on back of seat

P358 Cast Iron Seat has 178 cast into bottom of seat

R. & F. Keene (type 2) 598

P722 Cast Iron Seat single mounting hole

P668 Cast Iron Seat

Ransomes (type 1) 876

S.C.P. Co. 912

S.C.P. Co. 912

S.C.P. Co. 912

Sunrise Planter 997

Superior (Type1 ) 1000

Dodds (type 1) 322

Dains (type 1a) 286

Chieftain (type1) 229

Hearst Dunn & Co (type 1) 498

Deering (type 3) 303

Hocking Valley 511

Evans (Type 1a) 375

Weir (Type 1) 1106

Stoddard (type 1) 982

H.P. Deucche Co. (Type 1) 318

Rock Island Plow Company (Type 2) 903

P996 Grain Header Seat V225 has square hole

P112 Cast Iron Seat painted Blue

Champion Type 2 has holes around the rim

Champion Type 1A no horns on letter O

Champion Type 1 has horns on letter O

Champion Type 1 has horns on letter O

Champion Type 1 has horns on letter O

Champion Type 1 has horns on letter O

P1016 Cast Iron Seat Round

P991 Geindstone Seat cast iron

P993 seat 10" wide

P236 Cast Iron Seat

P574 Cast Iron Seat

P439? Cast Iron Seat

P279 Cast Iron Seat

P491 Cast Iron Seat

P264 Cast Iron Seat

P28 Cast Iron Seat

P406 Cast Iron Seat

P662 Cast Iron Seat

P734 Cast Iron Seat has B430

P84 Cast Iron Seat has hole in center hump

P597 Cast Iron Seat has 584 cast into center hump

P713 Cast Iron Seat has 1210 cast into underside hump, has bracket and bolt on underside

P311 Cast Iron Seat has large holes in seat

P610 Cast Iron Seat has R23 cast into top of seat

P721 Cast Iron Seat has dog ear to attach seat on underside

P840 Cast Iron Seat has high center hump

P840 Cast Iron Seat has high center hump

P840 Cast Iron Seat has high center hump

P526 Cast Iron Seat has high center hump w/hole in center

P40 Cast Iron Seat has hole in center hump

P729 Cast Iron Seat old black paint

P382 Cast Iron Seat Canada #79

Tin Seat Janesville Machine Shop Janesville Wis

Blue Porcelain Tractor Seat has mounting bracket

John Deere Tin Seat has JD

John Deere Tin Seat has JD

John Deere Tin Seat has JD

Cast Iron Saddle tree

National Farm Machinery Drill End Bellevue Ohio

American Seeding Machine Co. Drill End

Signs & Advertising items -

Farm Tools, Inc. Mansfield, IL SST 16x36 Vulcan, Roderick Lean, Harvey Redhead Racine Lines. Rated 6.5

Coca-Cola SST 18x54 "Drink Coca-Cola"; Possibly a 1955, Rated 5.75

Coca-Cola Chalk Board Sign SST 19.25x27.25 "Drink Coca-Cola"; Dated 1942, Rated 2.5

PBR Chalk Board SST 17x26 Never been hung, has rusting and wear on front. Rated 7

Mycogen Seed Sign SST 30x36 Rated 5.5

Wayne Feeds SST 17.75x35.75 "Ray Loheider Bicknell, Ind.", Rated 6.5

Tomco Seed Corn SST 12x35.5 Made in Des Moines Iowa, rusting on edges, pitting on "M", Rated 3

De Laval Cream Separator SST 32.75x21.75 Faded, Rated 6.5

Massey Ferguson Paper Dealer Display 26x44.5 Massey Expo? featuring Massey Line, Tractors, Combines, Implements. Have mouse holes on upper edge and right corner. Metal frame with glass front

Minneapolis Moline SST 14x20 Raised letters. Rust pits/stains. Rated 5.5

Avery Plows Wood sign 12.75x71.5 on reverse: "B.F. Avery & Sons, Louisville, KY"

Case SST 36x72 "Case Quality Machines for Profitable Farming", Rust stains throughout display. Rough surface is flaking off. Has wood frame

Ford SSP 27x66 "Sales and Service", Lincoln Ford Fordson; Cars Trucks Tractors. Has chips rust spots, pitting

John Deere SSP 24x72 3 legged Deere jumping log. Edges, display rusted

Mail Pouch Tobacco Porcelain Thermometer 38.5x8 "Chew Mail Pouch Tobacco", Missing thermometer. Rated 5.5

Midwest Pure Cream Ice Cream DSP Curb Sign 30" Rated 6.5, Reverse Rated 5

Standard Oil DST Display Topper 12.25x29.5 House Necessities. Rated 5, Reverse Rated 4.5

Cummins DST 30x24 Ag Power, has fading, both sides Rated 4

Mormans Feed SST 10x13 Quincy, IL, Edwin Marth: Dealer, Rated 8.5

Keen Kutter 15.5x43.75 in metal frame

Rail Road Crossing Sign SSP Has reflectors, includes reflective "W"

McCormick-Deering Farm Machines SST 10x27.5 O.F. Branting & Sons, Stromsburg &Osceola, Nebr.; Rust stains, Rated 5

McCormick-Deering Farm Machines SST 10x27.6 Oren W. Deer, 305 W. Maryland St. Indianapolis, Ind.; Rust staining, Rated 5.5

McCormick-Deering Farm Machines SST 10x27.7 Ruge & Wilke, Beecher, ILL. Some rust staining, Rated 6

Hinman Milkers SST 11x20 Embossed, Paint chips on edge, Rated 6.5

Gates SST 7.5x36 Embossed, Rusting around edges, some rust staining, Rated 6.75

Wayne Feeds SST 16x14 Embossed, Allied Mills

De Laval Cream Separator SST 12x15.75 Better Living, Better Farm Income

Roof Mowers and Wisconsin Farmers Union Both SST Roof Mowers: 18x24, Wisconsin Farmers union: 10x13.75

Capper’s Farmers Protective Service and Farmer’s Guide Detective Service Both SST Capper’s: 8x13.75, Farmer’s: 7x9.75 Capper’s: Topeka, KS

Funk’s Hybrid SST 13.5x12.5 Paint chips and rusting on edges

Ford Tractor Cardboard 11x22 The Modern Farm Uses Ferguson System

Studebaker SSP 20" Round Studebaker Cars, Trucks

Standard Oil License Plate Topper with Indiana License Plate 1928, Research test car

J.I. Case and Oliver Tractor Implements SST? 14x20 Few scratches, in wooden frame

Oliver Plows Genuine Repair Flange 18" round heavy rust staining and paint loss

Wm. J. Oliver Chilled Plows Flange 13.5x18.5 Rust staining and paint loss on both sides

Royal Crown Cola Flange 10.5x18 Drink Royal Crown Cola, Best by Taste-Test

De Laval Milker DSP 4x19.5 has paint loss and rusting, Rated 7, Reverse Rated 4

Indian Certified Seed SS Cardboard 20x14 Mounted on a piece of wood

Mammy Thermometer 7.75x2.75 Works

Minneapolis Moline Thermometer 11.5x3 Fillman Implement Sales, Port Washington, OH. Heavy Fading

John Deere Thermometers Sales and Service: 8x3.5 and Nothing Runs Like a Deere: 12.5x3 Sales and Service Thermometer (Moulton, IA, Plastic) and Nothing Runs Like a Deere Thermometer (2 Legged Deere)

Standard Fuel Oils Thermometer 11.5x3 Shows wear

Marathon Oil Thermometer 6.5x2


Salesman Samples, Keen Kutter, Corn Shellers and Primitives -

Missouri Meerschaums Pipe Sales Display 17x8 Has 12 Pipes on it (Originator Corn Cob Pipe)

Hollywood Disappearing Attic Stair Co. Dealer Sample 40x24 Dallas, TX, Spring Loaded Attic Door, Works, sign shows wear

Gates Belts Sales Rack Has belts and sizer, all wood

Purina Dealer Feed Ration Chart 48x36

Stokes Seed Treater 42" Tall Made in Alexandria, MO, SN 680

Bone Grinder 45" Tall Humphry and Sons, Joliet, IL, Number 4, Pat.  in 1900

Fairbanks Scale 250 pound scale, has 5 weights to go with it

South Bend Chilled Plow Beam 69" long From Evansville, IN,

Childs Wagon 16" Tall 25" Long (not including tongue and handle) Wood wheels with steel rim

American Board Old paint, heavily worn

Goat Wagon 26" Tall, 35" Long, 15" Wide Green with red wheels, wood wheels, metal rim, has a pole with it

Seed Potato Cutter 31" Tall Wooden rack, Spinwall Manufacturing Co. Jackson, MI

Cyphers Incubator Buffalo, NY, all wood, has manual, original directions. Has letter including parts list (letter dated 1949)

Keen Kutter Meat Grinder Model Number KK21, table mount

Keen Kutter Silverware 6 place setting; model number K12M, in original wood box

Keen Kutter Barber Set K44 straight razor, hand razor (has box?), sort edge knife, included safety razor box

Keen Kutter Shears With original box, 7.5"

Keen Kutter Padlock Works, with key, also includes 2 Keen Kutter match books

Year Gerhart Knitting Machine Company Sock Maker Clearfield, PA, not complete, missing some needles, table mount

Fulton Hand Corn Sheller

Black Beauty Corn Sheller Made in St. Louis, MO

Red Chief Corn Sheller

Red Annual Duplex Corn Sheller

Montgomery Ward Corn Sheller Chicago, IL

Little Corn Sheller Painted Green

Black Hawk Corn Sheller Painted Red

Montgomery Ward Corn Sheller has no cover

Red Chief Corn Sheller

David Bradley Corn Sheller

Peerless Corn Sheller Geer is bent and has been repaired

Speedy Curts Goddard Alliance Company Corn Sheller

Family Corn Sheller

Black Hawk Corn Sheller

Black Hawk Corn Sheller With some green paint

Western Stone Ware Half Gallon Crock Has some hairline cracks on bottom

2 Gallon Crock?

4 Gallon Crock

Red Wing 6 Gallon Crock

Oliver Number 2 Jack Painted Green

Enterprise Press

Hog Oiler Upright painted red

Dille McCuire Reel Type Lawn Mower Made in Richmond, IN

Push Type Lawn Edger Has 4 spinning trimmers

Lawn Trimmer for Sidewalk edges

Clipper Manufacturing Company Lawn Mower Dixon, IL. Has tin lubrication instructions and says "Use Texaco Oil"

Greyhound Childs Wagon Has aluminum box

Lightning Rod With blue bulb. Bulb has some chips around edges. Has brass tip

Lightning Rods (2) Lightning rods with white bulb. Both have top lip of bulb damaged. Has brass tips

Weather Vane Lightning Rod On base, has brass tip

4 ft. Lightning Rod With blue bulb. Has stars embossed in bulb. Has brass tip

Rope Maker Display New-Era Rope Machine. Four strand. Manufactured by A.D. Long in Fairfield, IA

Dental Drill Foot operated

Jig Saw Foot operated, made by New Rogers

1920 Grape Crusher

Little Giant Hand Duster for dusting vegetables or fruit. Made by Leggett and Brother, New York, NY

Copper Wash Boiler with lid

Copper Pot with cast iron handle. No holes

Antique Wooden Rack Possibly for shoes, candles or socks

Two One Gallon Crock Jugs one has brown top

Six Gallon Crock Acorn Wares. UHL Pottery Company. Hunintonburg, IN. Has wire handles

Fordson Black and White Power Farming Photo 9.5x31.5 in wooden frame

Ford Motor Company 19x43 Fordson plant poster display in wooden frame. Also includes a photo of a Fordson tractor and Ford Car

Two Steam Engine Pictures one is a Case and both are threshing

De Laval Wall Literature Rack 35x5 with literature included. Six pockets

Two Tin De Laval Wall Displays and One Half Gallon De Leval Oil Can The tin stand ups are 6.5" tall

Two De Laval Oil Cans One can is De Laval Vaccume Pumps (Green), and the other is Red Cream Separator Oil can, with user sign

De Laval Junior Cream Separator Not complete

US Royal Tire Display Rack With white wall tire, tire is used

Standard Oil Company Indiana 5 gal Liquid Measure Pale Painted red

Davis Welding Company (2) red cans

Standard Oil Company of Indiana (2) Lubester tops

Red Crown Trim Piece

AC Radiator and Oil Caps Display Rack 16" Tall Revolving

Eveready Counter Top Display With tester (will test from 1.5-67.5 volts), has plastic front

Case Pocket Knife Counter Display 20x18x15 with lockable rear, all wood

National Cash Register Made in Dayton, OH. SN 2572921, 717

Gillette Razor Blade Sales Cabinet Includes 10 boxes of razor blades, some full some partial boxes

Atwater Kent Receiving Set and Speaker (Type E Speaker) 26x8x8.5 Looks to be complete, Model Number 20, Made in Philadelphia, PA, SN 91676

Ozarka Radio and Speaker Radio: 24x10x13.5, Speaker: 15x18x10 Radio Model 89, in metal cabinet

Atwater Kent Radio Radio: 22x8x11, Speaker: 13x12x8 in metal cabinet, Table Model 60, Made in Philadelphia, PA. Has instruction manual and one speaker included (Type F-4 Radio Speaker, SN 2138323)

Addometer 12x3 Includes instructions. Made by Reliable Typewriter and Adding Machine Company, Chicago, IL. Has custom built leatherette case. Stylus is included

Eisemann Winding Tester 13x7.5x11 Magneto tester, in wooden box (top of box has crack), tests 310 volts, 60 cycles

Dentist’s Cabinet 57.75x29x15.25 Metal, upper cabinet has 2 locking doors (no key), lower portion has 6 swing out trays, lower cabinet has to doors. Has been repaired on front

Antique Bakers Cabinet Top cabinet has 3 drawers and 3 doors, lower cabinet has 2 slides out flower bins and 2 drawers and 2 slide out cutting boards

Oxen Neck Yoke

John Deere Divider Boards

Champion Divider Board Red with black trim

McCormick Divider Board

22 Place Mold For candles?

Fruit Press Number 303

Well Pump IXL Galvanized Steel Chain Pump and Tubing Manufactured in Cincinnati, Ohio. Not complete

Wooden Measuring Wheel Measure 8 feet at a time

Wooden Cradle Painted red

Clelands Expert Smut Destroyer Grain Bagger Made by Cleland Manufacturing Co. Minneapolis, MN

Opossum Belly Bakers Cabinet Has two draws and one dough board

Cheese Cutter Made in Anderson, IN

Wooden Rocking Washing Machine

Childs Wooden Wheel Barrow

Terms of the Auction

If paying in a non cash method (ex. travelers

checks, credit cards, etc.) there is an additional 5% premium with with a 5%

discount for cash or check. Please bring a bank letter of guarantee for purchases over

$10,000. Information is subject to change. All lots are sold as is, where is, with all faults, imperfections and errors of description. Due diligence is the

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Not responsible for accidents, thefts, errors or omissions. Buyer agrees not to initiate credit card chargeback.

1. Aumann Auctions has put forth every effort in preparing the listing and catalog for this auction to provide accurate descriptions of all items. All property is

sold 'as-is' and it is the bidder’s responsibility to determine the exact

condition of each item. Printed statements or descriptions by staff are provided in good faith and are matters of opinion.

2. FOR LIVE INTERNET BIDDING: There is a 10% Buyer's Premium added to the total.

3. All accounts must be settled at the

conclusion of the auction. We accept Visa & MasterCard ONLY. Your credit card will be charged for your purchases, plus buyer’s premiums, and any taxes. A pre-auction authorization will be performed to establish available credit. Debit cards may show a hold on funds for a short period of time. NOTHING will be charged to your card until a purchase is made.

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terms. Any debt collection or dispute proceedings will be heard in Montgomery

County, Illinois.

8. The auctioneer has the sole discretion to advance the bidding and may reject a nominal

advance, should it in his estimation prove

injurious to the auction. The auctioneer shall be the final judge in all bidding disputes and shall name a bidder as the


9. The auction company shall not be held responsible for any 'missed' bids or bids unseen by the auctioneer.

10. All sales are final.

Conducted By

Aumann Auctions, Inc.


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