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Benny Taylor

President and CEO, Auctioneer, Broker, Appraiser

Benny grew up attending auctions from the age of thirteen. Even before he could legally drive, he attended farm and livestock auctions with older adults. He would leave school and attend the local auction, Grenada Livestock. There, he listened to World Champion Livestock Auctioneer Mr. Bobby Russell. From these auctions, he learned the value of equipment, trading tactics, and the auctioneer’s cadence. He practiced his cadence daily over the years, even before he achieved his auctioneer’s degree in 1983. As mentioned, in 1983, he attended Missouri Auction School. His vocation at that time was in the self-employment field of managing the family-owned construction firm, cattle farming, his rental property, contract auctioneering, and performing landscape work. After graduation, he formed Taylor Auction Service and pursued his passion ardently. Along with promoting his auction service, Benny worked one day a week at a livestock market, eventually becoming the lead auctioneer. Employment followed, and several livestock markets in Mississippi and Alabama employed him. In 1984, Benny saw the necessity of incorporating personal property appraisals with the auction service and returned to school to acquire his Certified Personal Property Accreditation. Soon, he was marketing both skills to clients. In 1991, the company changed its name to Taylor Auction & Realty because the vision of selling real estate and personal property had become apparent; therefore, it incorporated real estate brokerage into the mix of services. By 1991, the auction and real estate business was growing exponentially. With the retirement of Benny’s Father from the construction company, Benny decided to forgo the construction company and pursue his first passion - the auction business. By 1996, the firm was fully integrated into a full-time occupation and changed the name again to Taylor Auction & Realty, Inc., a Subchapter S Corporation. We are proud to have accomplished this as a first-generation auction firm. Benny is a licensed real estate broker and has earned the Accredited Auctioneer of Real Estate accreditation. He is a Certified Personal Property Appraiser and a member of the Certified Appraisers Guild. Benny is also a Certified Auctioneer Institute graduate, the most revered professional designation an auctioneer can acquire. He is a member of the National Auctioneer Association and the Mississippi Auctioneer Association. While a member of the Mississippi Auctioneer Association, he was the President for two terms and a state auctioneer champion. He is also a member of the Mississippi and National Realtors Association and the local Grenada Realtors Association chapter. He has also served three terms as commissioner of the Mississippi Auctioneer Board. Mr. Taylor is keenly active in his profession. He has authored and presented lectures on the auction industry at SBA lender’s conferences, State and National Auctioneers’ Conventions, and Financial Trust Conferences. Mr. Taylor is licensed in Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Mississippi and conducts approximately 100 auctions annually. Benny is known for his experience in liquidating all types of assets, straightforward nature, auctioneer cadence, entertaining in the ring, and strong mediation skills required in this fast-paced business. Besides spending time with his family, he enjoys relaxing on his 600-acre cattle farm.



Ruthie Taylor

Vice President, Auctioneer, Realtor, Appraiser

Ruthie Taylor has thirty years of experience in AUCTION MARKETING, ASSET EVALUATION, and INVENTORY ASSESSMENT. Ruthie began her career as support staff for her husband, Benny Taylor. She quickly realized she had found the right partner for life and the right business partner. Therefore, Taylor Auction was born in 1983. From 1983 to 1987, Ruthie worked for Peoples Bank as a Loan Secretary, along with working auctions on weekends. After the birth of their only daughter, she resigned from her public job to stay at home. From home, Ruthie worked part-time in their family-owned construction business as a secretary, promoted their auction business, and obtained her real estate broker’s license in 1991. After their daughter started school, Ruthie worked full-time to encourage their auction business as Benny managed the family’s construction business and worked two to three days a week as a livestock auctioneer. Ruthie joined him as his clerk two days a week at the livestock auctions. In June 1991, Taylor Auction’s name was changed to Taylor Auction & Realty, and the real estate auction market was pursued. Between 1991 and 1996, the business continued to grow, and Taylor Auction & Realty became an S corporation, “Taylor Auction & Realty, Inc.” By that time, Benny and Ruthie were fully encompassed into a full-time profession of an auction and appraisal firm. While running a business and raising a family, Ruthie attended Holmes Community College and Delta State University, completing Real Estate, Insurance, and Business courses. Inspired by her classes and career, Ruthie expanded her communication sales, public relations, and organizational management skills to better service the corporation. Ruthie has composed and presented several articles and lectures regarding the auction industry at SBA Lender’s Conferences, State and National Auctioneers Conventions, and local and state papers. In 2007, Ruthie became more than a support staff member and received her auctioneer’s license. After receiving her license, she attended the Certified Auctioneer Institute (CAI). She received the Pat Massart Award for Best Auction Proposal in her second year at CAI. Ruthie is a licensed auctioneer and a real estate broker. She is a graduate of the Certified Auctioneer Institute. She is a long-time standing member of the Mississippi Auctioneer Association and the National Auctioneer Association. She is also a member of the Grenada Realtors Association, the Mississippi Realtors Association, and the National Realtors Association. In 2017, Ruthie was designated a Certified Personal Property Appraiser specializing in estate household property. She is a lifetime member of the Junior Auxiliary of Grenada, a women’s community charitable organization. Ruthie’s passions run analogous to her passion for auctions. For downtime, she enjoys what she calls “junking,” which is meandering through flea markets, antique stores, garage sales, estate sales, junk stores, and other firm’s auctions for treasures for her mixed media art. Her loves include her family, and other passions include reading, plays, music, dancing, exercise, cooking, and discovering new ideas for her personal and business life. Favorite Quote: Thoreau wrote in "Life Without Principle," "You must get your living by loving, it's the counterpart for looking for an auctioneer: "Do not hire a man who does your work for money, but him who does it for the love of it."



Shea Whitehurst

Realtor, Salesperson & Auctions

Shea joined Taylor Auction & Realty, Inc. in August of 2013 as a project assistant. Learning the ins and outs of the auction business was just part of her duties, but in 2015, she decided to pursue a real estate license better to serve our customers, clients, and our firm. From managing daily office functions to communicating with clients and customers, she has abundant knowledge to help with your real estate needs and auction details. Shea will go above and beyond to make your experience the best possible with Taylor Auction & Realty, Inc.

She previously worked in advertising sales, office management, and restaurant management. Her skills in dealing with the public, problem-solving, marketing, and attention to detail are just a few of the many things that she does to work with you and your company. She is organized and will research the best way of maximizing your assets to their highest potential.

She has a whole and busy life with her children, grandchildren and husband.



Krystle Carmical

Executive Assistant

Krystle joined Taylor Auction and Realty in March 2019. She is an appraisal and auction assistant. Her prior career was in retail and restaurant management.
In her free time, she enjoys spending time outdoors with her family in their hometown of Oxberry, MS. Krystle and her partner James have four children: one son and three daughters, Drake and Drayten, who are twins, Bayler and Ava.



Garrett Pollan


Garrett has been around Taylor Auction & Realty for over 30 years, from attending auctions at a young age to helping on auction days. He started as a teenager, being a ticket runner, driving the truck on live auction days, and progressed to helping in the ring. At age 18, he chose to join the career fire service full-time. After 23 years in the fire service, Garrett decided to leave that career to own and operate Pollan Enterprises while continuing to work at Taylor Auction & Realty. In 2023, he decided to go full-time at Taylor Auction & Realty and later attended America’s Auction Academy. He is now a licensed auctioneer and is excited to join the auctioneer team at Taylor Auction & Realty. In Garrett’s spare time, he enjoys serving our county as a part-time deputy and spending time with his wife, Sara, and their kids on the farm where they raise registered Texas Longhorn cattle, horses, and chickens.



Sheree Taylor

Auction Coordinator

During college, Sheree Taylor helped with estate auctions as a Clerk. After pursuing a bachelor's degree in Marketing, Sheree spent 25-plus years in the Chemical Industry as an account manager. Later, she worked as an Independent contractor for an environmental service company, securing vacuum trucks, air movers, and outage work for pipelines and the industrial industry. Sheree joined the staff in July of 2023 after semi-retiring. Sheree also owns and operates Hidden Ridge Farm, where she pursues her passion of raising blueberries and vegetables.