The Auction Option

Taylor Auction & Realty, Inc. has been in the auction industry since 1983.  At that time, all auctions were conducted live and on-site before a physical audience of registered bidders and all documentation was conducted manually.  As the computer age began to take off in the 1980’s, our firm was the first in our area to utilize computer software for accountability purposes.  Also, we were the first auction firm to establish a web presence. 

Technology over the years has propelled  this ancient practice of selling into a faster, convenient, efficient and transparent technique.   Large  audiences of bidders are still garnered online and bids are placed by iPads, computers, and cell phones.   

Of course, our firm still conducts live auctions but have mainly transition to online and simulcast auctions which is a better option during the pandemic.  Our goal is to assess each auction situation on a personal and individual basis. We focus on listening to our clients, conducting an in-depth inquiry into their particular situation and producing viable options that serve our client’s best interest. 

Auctions are the most efficient method of converting your property or assets into immediate cash!

Auctions conducted by our firm include, but are not limited to:

Land and Agricultural Real Estate
Residential Real Estate                                   
Foreclosed and Bankruptcy Property
Commercial and Industrial Real Estate 
Commercial and Industrial Machinery & Equipment          
Construction  Equipment                         
Agricultural Machinery and Equipment
Art, Antiques and Collectibles
Personal Property
Intellectual property